The Power of Positive Peer Pressure

Serving our community in multiple ways:

Bethlehem Youth Court (BYC) has been in continuous operation since hearing its
first case in 1996 under the umbrella organization, Youth Courts of the Capital
District. The benefits of Bethlehem Youth Court are far reaching. The program not
only serves youthful offenders in our community, but it also provides a valuable
volunteer opportunity for the student youth court members and jurors. BYC is
responsible for the oversight of hundreds of community service hours each year.

  • Jurors - Students Grades 8-12, do not require
    training, can volunteer as their schedule allows
  • Trained Members - Students Grades 9-12, have
    gone through the training program and are added
    to a rotating schedule
  • Adult Volunteers and Attorney Mentors
Who is Youth Court for?

Youth Court is an alternative to criminal and family court for young offenders ages
10-19 who have committed a first-time, low-level offense or crime in the Town of
Bethlehem. This voluntary program can divert the youth's case out of the traditional
system. If they choose to have their case heard in youth court, a youth court hearing
will be held during which a peer jury, volunteers in grades 8-12, will decided on an
appropriate and constructive sentence for the offense committed. Sentences may
include the completion of community service hours, participation in educational
classes, paying restitution, and serving as a juror on other youth court hearings.
Student youth court members perform the roles of prosecution or community
advocate, defense attorney or defense advocate, judge, clerk, jury foreperson, and
victim advocate. The proceedings are overseen by the Director and an attorney

Bethlehem Youth Court is a non-profit organization that is overseen by a board of
directors. The Director oversees day to day operations. We are funded by the Town of
Bethlehem, grants, and private donations.
Bethlehem Youth Court, Inc.
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