How to become a juror:
Becoming a juror is very easy! Jurors must:
  • Live in the Town of Bethlehem
  • Be in grades 8-12
  • Have an active email address

When is Youth Court?
Youth Court is held on Thursday evenings. Case #1 starts at 6:30pm and
case #2 starts at 8:00pm.

Where is Youth Court?
Youth Court hearings are held at Bethlehem Town Court, located at 447
Delaware Ave. Delmar (Borthwick Ave. entrance).

How does it work?
Each time we have Youth Court cases, the director sends out an email to
all jurors. If you're available and willing to serve, reply to the email. In the
event that more than 12 jurors sign up for any one particular case, the
jurors will be chosen at random.

How should jurors dress?
Jurors should dress appropriately for court. No hats, revealing tops, short
shorts, or other inappropriate clothing.

It is very important that jurors are unbiased!
This means that if you're assigned to be a juror for a case, and when you
arrive you realize that you have a bias (positive or negative) toward the
defendant, you MUST EXCUSE YOURSELF from that case.