About Us
Bethlehem Youth Court is an independent non-profit organization that is
supported by the Town of Bethlehem. High school aged volunteer
members are trained to perform the traditional courtroom roles, such as
prosecutor, defense attorney, judge, and jury foreperson. These trained
volunteers are then responsible for conducting peer led sentencing
hearings for young offenders ages 10-19. Youth court, which is a
voluntary program, typically handles low-level, minor offenses, such as
unlawful possession of marijuana, petit larceny, trespass, and criminal
mischief. If a young offender chooses to have his/her case heard in Youth
Court, a jury of their peers will decide on a fair amount of community
service hours. Once the offender completes their hours, their case is
closed and they are essentially given a second chance at a clean
criminal record.

Sentencing options:
  • Community service hours
  • Educational classes
  • Restitution
  • Apology letters
  • Essays